Chini Bites

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

Tell us all about you!

Hi, our names are Shameek and Keiran, both recent Business Graduates, we love travelling the world, learning new cultures and best of all, our passion for cooking and baking.

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

How did you first get your business started?

After graduating from university, the idea came to mind that we should put our love for baking into reality, so the world could taste our goods.

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

What makes your business different?

Creating British Confectionery blended with Indian sugars and spices.

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

What do you love most about weddings?

The bringing of friends and family, the bond between love

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Any tip for brides looking into your type of service?

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to taste something new and give your wedding that magical touch

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

Are there any special offers available for the wedding show?

100 Cake Pops (Any Flavour) for £90 or 300 Cake Pops (Any Flavour) for £240

Anything else you’d like the world to know?

Look out for Chini Bites, a growing business by two young individuals, who truly wanted to make a dream to reality and
bring joy to peoples lives in the form of cake 🙂

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