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Tell us about you!

I’m Geoff, I’m 30 years young. I started my wedding videography business in 2008 (Our Wedding Videographers) I’m based in Long Eaton, Nottingham. In my free time away from filming/editing I enjoy eating out a lot, playing the drums, going to the gym and seeing live bands.

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How did you first get your business started?

I’ve had a video camera in my hands since I was 14, I went on to get BSc in Multimedia production at Nottingham Trent Uni. I graduated in 2006 and on a trip to California in 2008 I helped film some weddings with an American wedding videography company, I created the first ‘Our Wedding Videographers’ website on that trip and I’m still filming weddings in 2016.

What makes your business different?

My couples have said that the stand out aspect of my films is the attention to detail with the editing. I am a perfectionist and the highlights film has to be just right. I start each film with a fresh perspective and craft them to be individual and personal to each of my couples.

What do you love most about weddings?

I feel very privileged to have been invited to capture the most intimate and special moment of my couple’s lives, it only happens once and they chose me to film it. Sometimes after I’ve filmed a really great shot I’ll show my couple a sneak peak there & then and the reactions I get are priceless!

Any tip for brides looking into your type of service?

It’s a very personal service; we often start filming in the morning during the prep so I think it’s good to get to know who’s filming you before hand. You’re spending the whole day with your videographer so it’s important to feel comfortable around them.

Two things that are overlooked is the quality of the ‘full length’ film and the actual sound captured on the day. Make sure the ‘full length’ film matches up to the quality of your highlights film. When you’re listening back to your vows and speeches you want to hear the person speaking clearly without the background noise.


Our Wedding Videographers

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