Little Creative Caravan

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

Tell us all about you!

We’re a creative pair that love organizing and designing weddings and parties. Kirsty is a freelance Graphic Designer and also runs a wedding stationery business called Pretty Little Cards. Esmé works within the packaging industry and also does part-time graphic design. We are both based in the Nottingham area.

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

How did you first get your business started?

We were both on holiday in Thailand – drinking cocktails and had a brainwave! We had never come across this concept before so decided to buy a caravan there and then!

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

What makes your business different?

The fact that we aren’t just a standard photobooth, the photobooth is inside the caravan and The Little Creative Caravan is a creative space perfect for any event. The decor has been designed to suit all occasions and genders and offers a wide range of services, but essentially it can be anything you want it to be.

We can be with the client every step of the way and be involved as much as they need us to be. If they need us to create something new or source props and decor then we can do all that too.

image-4The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

What do you love most about weddings?

People coming together and having fun

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

Any tip for brides looking into your type of service?

There are lots of photobooths out there but we feel our photobooth is unique and we go the extra mile to make it as personalised to the couple as possible! We can put picture frames of them in the caravan! Do a personalised frames with there married name, make props to suit their theme! Having a photobooth in a caravan means we have a lot more to play with and we can be as creative as you’d like. So our top tip would be to choose us and make the most of what we can offer. Tell us you ideas and we can do our best to create it for you. We love trying new things!

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire

Are there any special offers available for the wedding show?

£50 off bookings made by 31st October

The Giant Wedding Show, Derbyshire


Anything else you’d like the world to know?

We don’t print the photos at the moment, they are all provided digitally so the bride and groom can upload them to social media or get them printed. However we are looking into a printer so we can provide a printed copy at the event…so from 2017 LLC will be even better!!!

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